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We recognise that every transaction is unique, and therefore, at Alpha Trustee Services, we offer a tailored approach to meet each client's specific needs. Read on to browse our range of services, which can each be selected to create a bespoke package to best suit your requirements.

Security Creation & Management

We work with lenders to ensure that security interests are correctly created and registered with the appropriate authorities. We monitor these securities and provide reports upon request.

Specialist Security Enforcement

We specialize in security enforcement and act as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders to efficiently manage and enforce security interests. Our team possesses the necessary knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to successfully carry out enforcement procedures.

Security Trustee Management

We act as an independent third-party trustee for security interests on behalf of lenders, ensuring that the borrowers comply with their obligations under the loan agreement. We also manage the distribution of any proceeds obtained through the enforcement of security interests according to the agreed terms.

Our Services - Security Trustee


Engaging a Security Trustee upon the set up of an Alternative Investment product is an essential step towards gaining funding. The Trustee plays a critical role by ensuring that the financial instrument is issued and managed in complete compliance with the loan agreement. Below are some of the specific roles that a Security Trustee may undertake once engaged.

Solid Security

The Security Trustee plays a critical role in creating security for the loan note by holding the collateral security on behalf of the lender. The Trustee ensures that the collateral security is in place and that it meets the terms set out in the loan agreement.

Security Administration

The Security Trustee assists in the correct administration of security by conducting audits and providing reports to the lender on the status and provision of security.

Issuance of Alternative Investments

The Security Trustee assists with the issuance of Alternative Investment products by ensuring that all of the necessary formalities are met, including drafting the relevant documents, issuing the financial instrument, and liaising with the lender and other involved parties.

Monitoring of Compliance

The Security Trustee diligently monitors the borrower's compliance with the terms of the loan agreement, including any covenants, representations, or warranties that the borrower must fulfil.

Enforcement of Security

If the borrower defaults on the investment terms, the Security Trustee can facilitate the enforcement of the security on behalf of the lender by selling or disposing of the collateral and ensuring that the proceeds are applied in accordance with the agreement.


The Security Trustee ensures that the borrower fulfils all obligations under the loan agreement, and that the rights and interests of the lender are protected in the agreement and throughout the term of the investment period. 


We can offer clients the ability to set up a Protected Cell Company in Guernsey. 

Guernsey PCCs have revolutionised the corporate landscape by providing businesses with a cost-effective way to segregate assets and liabilities. They offer streamlined operations, reduced costs, enhanced risk management, and the ability to create multiple bespoke investment structures.


A PCC facilitates bespoke investment structures - by having different classes in separate cells, or by using separate cells for different projects, investors can be offered tailored opportunities through one sole vehicle. As a result, PCCs have become a popular option for companies seeking efficient asset and liability management under a single platform.

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