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  • What is a Security Trustee?
    A Security Trustee is appointed to act as an independent third party in enforcing the interests of lenders in a financial transaction. We hold and manage security assets on behalf of the borrower and ensure that compliance procedures are maintained and the terms of the security agreement are upheld.
  • How do we ensure compliance when acting as Security Trustee on a project?
    We ensure compliance by consistently monitoring and enforcing a borrower's adherence to the terms and conditions outlined in the documentation that lenders sign. We undertake ongoing and rigorous Due Diligence on both the product issuer and the project, conduct regular audits throughout the term and monitor the product issuer's activities to ensure that the agreed-upon terms and proposed obligations are being met.
  • How does an investor benefit from having a Security Trustee on a loan note?
    Investors benefit from having a Security Trustee on an investment product by the additional layer of protection, security and oversight that we provide. As Trustee, we ensure the borrower’s compliance, legal and regulatory requirements and safeguard the investor's financial stake in the project.
  • How does a company benefit from engaging a Security Trustee when raising funds?
    Engaging a Security Trustee enhances a company’s credibility and increases investor confidence. The Trustee provides an additional, and some would say essential, level of compliance and security when inviting clients to invest in your company or project, and demonstrates a company's commitment to protecting the interests of lenders.
  • As an investor, when would I need a Security Trustee?
    Prior to any clients investing, the Security Trustee undertakes rigorous Due Diligence on a project before agreeing to move forward, verifying to investors that the borrower or issuer meets their standards. In the event of a default or breach, a Security Trustee has the necessary authority and expertise to proactively manage and navigate the complexities of the situation on behalf of investors.

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